Prohibitions of using dairy/meat designations on plant-based alternatives

Prohibitions of using dairy or meat designations on plant-based alternatives refer to regulations or laws that restrict the labeling of plant-based products with terms like "dairy," "meat," "milk," or "burger" when the product does not contain animal-derived ingredients. These regulations are implemented to prevent consumer confusion and ensure accurate product representation. For example, a plant-based beverage made from soy or almonds cannot be labeled as "soy milk" or "almond milk" if it doesn't meet the traditional definition of milk (from cows). Similarly, plant-based burgers or sausages may face restrictions on using terms like "burger" or "sausage" without additional qualifiers. Such regulations are designed to protect consumers and the integrity of traditional food product designations while allowing the plant-based industry to label their products in a way that clearly communicates their nature and purpose.