Fortification of foods (South Africa)

In South Africa “fortification” has a specific meaning and implies that the regulations relating to fortification of food-stuffs are complied with. "fortification" means the addition of one or more micronutrients by means of a fortification mix to a foodstuff whether or not it is normally contained in a foodstuff for the purpose of preventing or correcting a demonstrated de-ficiency of one or more nutrients in the general population or specific population group of South Africa as deter-mined by the Department; Thus, fortification is the means whereby staple foodstuffs are used as a vehicle to ensure that the population receive sufficient micronutrients, as defined: "micronutrient" means a natural or synthesised vitamin, mineral, or trace element that is essential for normal growth, development and maintenance of life and of which a deficit will cause characteristic biochemical or physio-logical changes. Fortification should not be confused with enrichment which is a voluntary process and which has limits above which a foodstuff may be considered a medicine or not be permitted to be enriched above.

This is general information rather than legal advice and is current as of 30 May 2024. We recommend you contact a specialised food lawyer for legal advice for your particular circumstances to support commercial decisions which could impact your product or business.

Janusz F. Luterek

South Africa