Country of origin requirements (COOL)  (Ukraine)

The rules of origin establish the “economic nationality” of goods, i.e. the place (country) where they were fully produced or sufficiently processed. For customs purposes in Ukraine, there are two types of origin of goods: non-preferential and preferential. The rules for determining the non-preferential origin of goods are set out mainly by the Customs Code of Ukraine. Preferential origin is a condition for the application of tariff privileges (preferences) with respect to the rates of the Customs Tariff of Ukraine in the form of exemption from import duty, reduction of import duty rates or estab-lishment of tariff quotas in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and for the import of goods originating from countries with which the relevant international agreements have been concluded. Ukraine has concluded multilateral international free trade agreements with the EU, EFTA, bilateral interna-tional agreements with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Montenegro, the Republic of North Macedonia, Canada, Georgia, the State of Israel, etc. Ukraine acceded to the International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonisation of Customs Proce-dures in 2006 (as amended by the 1999 Amending Protocol) and follows the rules and procedures of the Convention, including special cases of determining the origin of goods. Documents confirming the country of origin: Documents confirming the non-preferential origin of the goods are: • Certificate of origin of the goods • Certified declaration of origin • Declaration of origin of goods Documents confirming the preferential origin of goods are: • Certificate of the regional name of the goods specified in international agreements and conventions to which Ukraine is a party Certificates of origin are issued by the customs and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  

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