Cannabis as an ingredient in food or supplements (Netherlands)

Food supplements that contain the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) are marketed in the Netherlands. Supple-ments containing delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are not available in the Netherlands. These supplements are considered herbal supplements. A herbal supplement may contain the same herbs as a herbal medicine. The effect and safety of herbal supplements do not have to be assessed like medicines before they can be sold in the Netherlands. Herbal supplements fall under the Commodities Act, just like food supplements containing vitamins and minerals. The Commodities Act states that a product may not endanger the health and safety of consumers. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) carries out risk-oriented checks to ensure that producers, traders and sellers comply with the legal rules. For example through random checks in (web) shops or by investigating com-plaints and reports about potentially unsafe products. If a product does not meet the safety requirements, the NVWA intervenes. You can read more about the safety of supplements on the NVWA website. An information leaflet is not compulsory for herbal supplements. Important information should be on the label. Herbal supplements may not have a medical indication. However, health claims are allowed.

This is general information rather than legal advice and is current as of 30 May 2024. We recommend you contact a specialised food lawyer for legal advice for your particular circumstances to support commercial decisions which could impact your product or business.

Marijn van Tuijl