Cannabis as an ingredient in food or supplements (Finland)

In Finland cannabis is a narcotic drug, which is not allowed in any form. The Finnish authorities consider also canna-bidiol (CBD) as a harmful substance, which shall be prohibited in Finland. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been classified as a medicine in Finland. Due to this, any product that contains CBD is consid-ered to be a prescription drug in Finland and all the restrictions concerning prescription drugs apply to CBD. This in in practice a very effective method to limit the possibilities to bring to market different kinds of new products regardless of whether they are elsewhere classified as foods, food supplements, cosmetics or in some other product category since the medicine legislation overrules food, cosmetic and other product-specific regulations. In Finland products shall not contain any narcotic or psychotropic substances, such as THC. There is a zero-tolerance policy in respect of THC and not even extremely small amounts of THC are allowed. Therefore, also products contain-ing less than 0,2 % THC are considered narcotic drugs and narcotic legislation is applied to such products in Finland. Because of this, some CBD products are considered narcotics due to their small THC content.

This is general information rather than legal advice and is current as of 30 May 2024. We recommend you contact a specialised food lawyer for legal advice for your particular circumstances to support commercial decisions which could impact your product or business.

Kukka Tommila